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how to elementary os

How to Disable Overlay Scrollbars


You may dislike the lack of buttons at the top and bottom of your scrollbar, as well as the thinness and occasional inconsistency of them.

How to Display Hidden Auto-Start Entries


By default, your machine is chock-full of Startup Applications you're not allowed to see, and you can significantly speed up your startup times by disabling the ones you don't need.

How to Install DConf-Tools


A commonly used program to access the more complex settings and options available to you is DConf Editor, a part of the DConf-Tools package.

How to Install Flash for Midori


One of the most requested things when dealing with elementary OS is the lack of Flash. Instead of suggesting different ways for each architecture to deal with this issue, we have lovingly crafted a small script for the use of any elementary system.

How to Install Spotify


While Spotify has no supported release for Linux as such, their is, hidden away a little bit, a nice little "Previewspsp" release that runs reasonably well, even if it is not the most native of applications.

How to Silence the Bell


I am going to go out on a limb here, and presume you have at some point heard a little "duhm" noise when trying to scroll to far, or backspace when a box is empty, or some similar basic error. I happen to find these little reminders quite informative, but to some people they can be plain annoying.